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14 Clever Ways To Spend On Leftover Window Handle Replacement Budget

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Choosing the Right Window Handle For Your upvc replacement window handles Window

The proper window handle is vital to a properly fitted uPVC. You'll need a style that's not just functional but also complements the style of your home.

It is simple to swap it is easy to change a uPVC handle. It only takes a few minutes and the tools below.


The handle for your window made of metal can be a nice touch and is an essential piece of hardware to improve security at home. There are a range of metal window handles that can be customized to various frames and materials. Some of these handle designs are specifically created for sash windows to help make the process of opening and closing the windows smoother and less likely to get jammed. There are several metal locking mechanisms that prevent the window being opened past a certain point.

Espag handles are the most well-known kind of window handle used on UPVC windows. They have a spindle mental in the back, which is fixed to the frame of the window and drives the window mechanism. Both upvc windows handles and aluminum windows have them.

Cockspur handles are another popular type of window handle typically found on older UPVC windows. They can be more difficult than modern Espag handles as they employ a traditional peg-locking mechanism.

Cam handles are available for a sleeker look. These handles have a refined edge and are designed to work with many other kinds of uPVC window. They are perfect for tilt and turn windows where you can open the window at the bottom while being in a position to open the top.

When selecting new metal window handles, it is crucial to take into account a variety of aspects that include the height of the step and the direction in which the handle can be turned. The former refers to the distance between the handle's underside nose and the base of the screw plate, while the latter is the direction in which the handle is going to be able to turn. Certain handles can only rotate in one direction, such as clockwise. Others are able to rotate in the opposite direction.


There are many varieties of window handles made of plastic. All are designed to operate a window and secure it from invaders. They can be installed on either uPVC or aluminium windows and are available in a variety styles and colours. Some are also designed to include a lock. This increases security and allows you to keep your window open and safe from intruders.

Window handle issues can occur in a variety of situations. Sometimes, they won't be able to turn correctly. This could be because dust is able to penetrate the mechanism, causing dirt or a blockage. Another problem that can be observed is when the window handle begins walking in a tight circle or clings to something. This indicates that the window handle requires attention.

When this happens, it's crucial to contact a professional. They can assist you in resolving the issue swiftly and efficiently. They can also provide suggestions on how to replace a handle made of plastic with one that is more durable and will perform better.

The majority of manufacturers use the exact same fasteners, regardless of the type handle you have. This means it's simple to replace your window handle and lock with an exact match.

It's crucial to understand the size and style of your existing window before you look for a replacement handle. This will ensure that you purchase a handle that fits perfectly and won't cause any problems with your windows. Note the size of the spindle - it's the distance the handle nose extends from the base. This is crucial if you plan to utilize a window handle with an encapsulation.


Similar to awning windows, casement windows hinge on the top and bottom however they open sideways to the left or right rather than opening vertically. They are also less messy and provide a great view of your yard or garden, while also allowing fresh air in. They're a popular option for new construction, and can also be a great addition to the architectural appeal of older homes. However, over time they can become difficult to open or close because of wear-out of the hardware or worn gears. In certain cases window experts may have to replace the crank mechanism.

Casement windows, also known as awning windows, typically have a roto-gear and crank system that allows the window to be closed and opened, but they also feature an locking mechanism that keeps the sash securely in place when closed. The lock on an awning window works with the bezel locks to seal the window. However, many people overtighten the handle on a casement window. This can cause the locking mechanisms to work against each with the windows to bind and not open or close properly.

It is also normal for the handle of the window crank to wear out over time. This can happen if the window was opened and closed repeatedly over a prolonged period of time. It could also happen if the window was used as a prop when it was open and causing the handle to be pushed against and damaging the crank shaft or gears.

It's good to know that replacing a casement or window crank handle with an awning is an easy DIY window repair that can save you money in the long term. You'll first need to find the trim mounting screw that secures the casement cover (Photo 3). Once you've unscrewed the screws and removed the screws, you'll be able remove the old operator uPVC handle and look at the inside of the crank mechanism. The gears can be lubricated again, but if they are already stripped, you may need to replace them.


strong-man-repairing-a-window-with-a-scrCockspur window handles are found on older uPVC, timber and aluminium windows. They are simple to operate, lock with keys and offer an effective barrier against cold and noise from the outside. The door handle replacements opens up by pressing down on the lever and the cockspur nose shuts over a wedge striker in the frame to seal the window when closing. By replacing both the handle and the wedge of the cockspur, you will improve the efficiency of double-glazed windows and security.

These replacement cockspur window handles are available in right and left hand versions and operate by turning them 90 degrees. They have an'spur' which pushes against the PVC wedge that is attached to the window frame to create an extremely secure closure. They are simple to fit and come in a choice of finishes including black, white, satin chrome and PVD gold.

The backset measurement of a cockspur handle can be tricky, especially when you're replacing an existing handle. This handle has been created to address this issue and comes with three packers of various thicknesses which can be fitted on the underside of the handle nose to create a variety of backset step heights including 9mm, 13mm, 17mm and 21mm.

The Schlosser Technik Apto is a high quality replacement cockspur handle that can be used in a variety of applications from 9mm to 21mm with flexible screw fixing centres. It is also simple to put in with key locking and is available in various finishes.

This cockspur handle is designed to fit tilt and turn windows but not side opening casement windows (which utilize a separate pivot and tilt). It can be used to replace older or damaged handles on uPVC or aluminium frames with rivets rather than screws - the only difference is the method of attachment. You will require an rivet gun and rivets to fit this handle to your existing window frame.


The mechanism that locks your uPVC window is the espagnolette lock, also known as a shootbolt. These are common in older homes and provide both aesthetics and security. Espagnolette handles are available with key-locking or non-key-locking mechanisms and come in both crank and inline designs. They can also be a straight or curved style. The key-locking button provides an additional layer of security, as it prevents the handle from being opened from the outside using a thin screwdriver stuck between the frames. This is a popular burglary technique!

GB DIY Store offers a large selection of espagnolette handles. It is essential to determine the spindle size of the handle you currently have before ordering the replacement. After you've determined the length of the spindle of the handle you currently have, browse our collection of espag handles to find the perfect style for your windows.

We have a wide selection of white uPVC inline espagnolette handles that come in key-locking and non-key locking options. They are available in a variety colors and spindle lengths, so you can match the new handles to your existing window frame and decor. Our espagnolette handle collection features modern and contemporary styles, as also classic designs, and UPVC each replacement handle comes with 5 different magnetic spindle lengths between 15mm and55mm, making it easy to fit the handle to your window without having to purchase a specific size of screw!

A clever rosette on the back of the rose will ensure that the spindle only fits in the correct spot and is only inserted using the left-hand or right-hand lever, which will prevent any mishaps. A spindle made of metal helps to secure the handle of the espagnolette in place, and the handle is held in place with the clever click-fit mechanism that is activated when the hand is turned to reveal an audible 'click'.


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