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The Infrequently Known Benefits To Fireplace Wall Mount

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Add Warmth to Your Home With a Fireplace Wall Mount

A fireplace wall mount can add warmth and ambiance to any room, whether it's in your office, home or commercial space. They are simple to install and have mounting brackets that can be used for hanging or recessing into a wall.

To make a simple and quick installation, follow the directions on the manufacturer's website. Verify that the wall-mounting bracket and the bottom of the fireplace go together, then fix it to the wall.


A wall-mounted electric fireplace can be a focal point in a room that creates warmth and ambience. They come in a range of sizes that will fit all spaces. A smaller model is perfect for a bedroom, while larger models can be put in a living room or family room. Certain models have recessed options for flush installation against the wall, creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The height of a fireplace wall mount can play a role in the way it appears in the room. To create a dramatic effect some people opt to place them higher on the wall, usually 6 to 12 inches off the ground. Some people prefer to mount the TVs at a normal height of 4.5-5 feet. This allows them to be seen by all seats in the room.

No matter what size you choose, there are some important things to be aware of to ensure that your fireplace is safe and effective. Keep all combustibles at least three feet away from the fireplace including furniture, drapes, and other objects. If possible, you should also attach the mounting brackets to studs. If you can't locate studs, use plastic anchors to ensure that your fireplace isn't removed.

Another important factor to consider when choosing the right fireplace wall mount is the amount of heat it produces. It is recommended to select a model which produces approximately the same amount of heat as an ordinary electric heater. This guideline will ensure that your fireplace will provide enough supplemental heat for the entire room.

Certain fireplaces price usa feature distinctive features that set them apart from other fireplaces. For instance, some fireplaces offer remote control operation and adjustable brightness settings and no-heat settings. They also come with cool-to-the-touch glass and realistic LED flames. Other important features include a built-in shelf to hold electronic devices and an easy, no-professional installation process.


A fireplace wall mount, in contrast to an electrical fire that has to be wired directly into your home's electrical system It is semi-permanent. It can be hung directly on a wall, or into a bracket that is then mounted to the wall. It is important to choose an area that is close enough to an electrical outlet to allow the power cord to reach, while providing sufficient clearance to nearby objects in line with what the manufacturer recommends in your owner's manual.

Before starting the installation process, make sure that your fireplace is operating in good condition by plugging it into and playing with its LED lights and the heat settings. This will tell you whether it is prepared for installation or if it requires to be tested further.

Plan the space where you'll be installing your fireplace mount. Depending on the model that you purchase, this might involve the installation of a bump on the wall or covering the wall with drywall. In the latter scenario make sure you use appropriate techniques for drywall, like taping and mudding, allowing it to completely dry before continuing.

After the walls have been prepared, attach the brackets to the wall with screws. It is recommended that they be placed into the studs that are behind the drywall. This will stop the fireplace from pulling loose from the wall later on.

Once the bracket has been secured, it's time to mount the fireplace. The design of the fireplace can differ, but there will usually be a ledge at the point where the fireplace is placed and a place to connect the bracket to. You can then add any other media, such as logs, embers or stones inside the fireplace.

Alternatively, some models allow you to mount the screen and firebox together to form a wall bracket. This can make installation easier, but you should still ensure that everything is secure and is properly fitted prior to completing.

Once the fireplace is set it is possible to complete the appearance by tacking or screwing the bracket to the wall and cutting any wires that aren't needed. If desired, you can also paint the wire covers that disguise the power cord.


A fireplace wall mount allows you to heat your home while saving valuable floor space. It is crucial to take security measures when using this type of fireplace. The first step is to ensure that the unit is grounded to prevent electric shock. It is also important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper use.

It is possible to purchase wall-mounted electric fireplaces that don't generate heat, but most of them include an element of heating to enhance the realistic nature of the flame effects. It's usually an element of heating that is forced by a fan that blows air over the heating element. Some models also have an infrared source of heat.

After the fireplace has been mounted, it is important to stay clear of touching the hot surface. This can cause burns or damage to the device. To reduce the chance of a fire keep combustibles no more than three feet away from the fireplace. Be sure not to block the vents at the back of the unit.

When selecting an electric wall mounted fireplace, there are some additional safety features you should consider. For instance, you must ensure that the fireplace has an emergency shut-off switch to avoid overheating and fires. It's also a good idea to choose a unit that produces a lesser amount of heat, since it will help you save energy.

The material of the surround is also crucial. You should select one that is safe for children and pets, such as steel, glass, or wood veneers. You should also choose an item with a display or remote control to make it easier to use.

There are a variety of wall-mounted fireplaces. These include electric and ethanol. The best fireplace for you will depend on your budget and home's design. No matter if you opt for an electric or ethanol fireplace you can be certain that it will add warmth and class to your home. However, you must follow the safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer and remember to keep your family, pets and friends safe while using this fireplace.


The design of the fireplace wall mount will determine the way it appears on your walls. Some models are designed to stand out while others blend into the décor of the room. A contemporary model like the Streamlined electric wall fireplace, has a sleek and modern front with a minimalist style. It features top venting that allows heated air to flow smoothly, while maintaining the elegant design of the fireplace. Its flat mount and easy-to-use remote make it easy to operate.

You can also find wall-mount electric fireplaces with more traditional-looking mantels. These units are ideal for homes with existing open hearths or for those who want to convert a fireplace that burns wood to an electric fireplace without chimney. These flat-wall fire places come in various sizes and come with shelves to display ornaments. They're an excellent choice for bedrooms, living spaces and home offices.

Gas wall-mount fireplaces are a ideal option for those who want to create a warm, warm and inviting ambience in their homes. They are equipped with a traditional log-set design and are available in various frame finishes including natural and black. They also come with a customizable LED flame color and ember bed for a customized appearance. Certain models have an integrated TV mount for added functionality.

Certain models can be positioned directly on the wall, whereas others are designed to be completely recessed into a wall. The Allusion wall-mount fireplace has a tiny footprint which permits it to be installed into 2x6 frame walls. However, you can add a trim skirt over the exposed portion. The Allusion features a handy remote and a variety of temperature settings, so you can enjoy the fireplace throughout the year.

warmlite-wl45043-cambridge-fireplace-stoSurface-mounted electric fire places typically project 4 to 6 inches into the space. They are therefore easier to install than models built into the wall cavity or recessed into the wall. They're also a great option for renters who don't want to deal with the hassle of drilling holes into their walls. You can simply remove or relocate the fireplace when you move.ethanol-and-gel-fireplace-model-001w-inc


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